Monday, January 30, 2012

Message From Student!


Sasha Silver here! I just want to say how cool CCA really is! I love having my horse, Charm, here, and the riding is wonderful. I have made some really great friends, and I think if you can get in, you should definitley attend!
                         - Sasha Silver
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  1. Hey its Tearra I might move there can u call me at 360-269-3127 or have Mr.Conner call me please thanks also I wanna meet Jacob and Eric they sound super cute

  2. I am not going to Canterwood Crest. It is my FAVORITE book EVER. My favorite character is Sasha Silver, and I really like Charm. I wish I could go and meet everyone in the series, cause that would be a dream come true for me. I want to buy every single book ever written about CCA. I LOVE CCA. My favorite colors are Green and Gold. GO CCA!!!!!!!!

  3. Where is CCA because I want to go there. What is Mr Connor's e-mail?

  4. Canterwood Crest is a real school. We are brand new, and we decided to use her book's name, because we are an equestrian boarding school. Visit or email