Monday, January 30, 2012

YENT Tryouts for Fall Season!

Do you want to be on the YENT?
Now is your chance!

A scout will be judging riders in all three events, dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country. The two best all around riders will have YENT practice once a weekend will attend the YENT Intensive Training Camp this summer to prepare for the A Circut this fall! Good Luck!

*All riders must currently be on their grade's advanced team. See Mr. Conner for more info.*

Message From Student!


Sasha Silver here! I just want to say how cool CCA really is! I love having my horse, Charm, here, and the riding is wonderful. I have made some really great friends, and I think if you can get in, you should definitley attend!
                         - Sasha Silver
                           Advanced Team Member
                                   YENT Member
                                   Straight A Student

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